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A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

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So you’re planning a bike ride this coming weekend…

… in that case I HIGHLY recommend you map out your route using UBC’s Cycling Route Planner (for Metro Vancouver)!

My friend Kathy always maps out our rides – and it is so reassuring to have a plan when you are exploring new areas on your bike AND want to be safe and stick to designated bike routes!

I happen to be planning a ride this coming Saturday and I’ve decide to conquer Deep Cove BY BIKE! 🙂

Those delicious honey doughnuts are worth riding for!!

I’m comparing the routes by this site suggested when I select “shortest path route” vs “least traffic pollution” and it appears that the latter adds a further 5km (one way) to the ride.

That’s a GOOD THING when you are training for a super-long ride AND makes me happy because I hate cycling on busy roads with lots of cars!

Here’s some more info on this BRILLIANT service –



Vancouver Sun Run – 11 more weeks!

Wow – only 11 weeks until the Sun Run.

I’m currently following the “LearnToRun10K Program” – a 13 week program that work colleague gave me.

I just started Week 3 where I start to run for 3 mins and walk 2 mins today!

I had to recheck the program after my workout because I was a little worried that I might be a couple of weeks behind but it looks like I am exactly where I should be!! 🙂



Fire in my belly – Past and Present Vancouver Sun Run Results

Vancouver Sun Run

I really believe that sometimes the best way to get seriously motivated and really start up a fire in your belly is to throw in a dash or two of healthy competition.

I recently accepted my friend CYV’s challenge to finish this year’s Sun Run in an hour. He really is the best training buddy one could wish for and suggested I look at my past results to check what time I finished at (because knowledge is power of course).

Today I decided to do some digging…. and I’m a little petrified fired up by what I found!  

The last time I took part in the Sun Run was 2009 when I was probably the unhealthiest and most unfit I have EVER been in all my life. (I HATE looking at photos from back then!) I finished last in my group (which didn’t faze me at the time but does now) at 1 hour & 47 mins. Nearly 2 hours to finish a 10 k run! My team’s score (average time) was 55 mins. The women’s average time (not including myself) was 1 hour & 9 mins.  

My current company came in 2nd place in our division last year – so obviously we are vying for 1st place this year (NO PRESSURE on NOT dragging the team behind… nope, none at all).

The team’s score (average time) was 46 mins. The women’s average time was 1 hour & 7 mins.  

Gulp! I know I am WAY healthier now but I have a lot of work to do!

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