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Painful Right Hip Flexor

I went on a long ride out to White Rock yesterday and I did a number on my right hip flexor.

That hip joint likes to pop when I do yoga so I know it’s a bit of a tender/ problematic area… but I can’t really pinpoint what I did wrong yesterday to cause all that pain.

Some causes are – overworking, not stretching, jumping into strenuous activity too quickly without proper warm up, aggressive kicking motion, hill training, stopping and starting physical activity abruptly, etc, etc.

The pain was enough for me to go to Shopper’s Drugmart at 12:45am to buy this KT Tape that I had read helps with sports injuries. I also iced it, and applied ICY HOT on it.

The instructional video I found:

I was so happy to find a blog post on their site – dated 2 weeks ago – that said the tape is available in Shopper’s Canada-wide.

Since the Shopper’s next to my place is open 24/7 I hobbled over there pronto!

It’s been less than 24 hours since I applied the tape and I can feel the pain going away slowly, slowly.

I’m bringing my KT tape roll with me on the Ride to Conquer Cancer for sure!





Bike to Work Week Video Contest

TravelSmart and Hub (previously VACC) are organizing a 2012 Bike to Work Week Video Contest.

Participants are asked to share a cycling tip for a chance to win a  $500 MEC gift card!

YES PLEASE!!!! I need to buy a bunch of stuff – tires, rain gear, etc before the ride and I would love a gift card!

So here’s my video entry…. talking about snacks!! haha

It’s a random draw, so no brownie points for originality…. but I figured it would be different to all the other entries… or at least I hope it will!

37 days to go until Ride to Conquer Cancer 2012

My oh my – only 37 days to go until the Ride to Conquer Cancer!!  

I get such a rush of emotions when I think about how soon this ride is… am nervous AND excited!

Since I like to plan ahead…. I got a lot of the planning/ logistics sorted out – hotel room, ride to event and transportion for my bike (thank you Kath!!!!!), big gym bag, tent buddy, donations, training, bike upgrades, etc, etc … so I am also fairly relaxed.

I HATE leaving things till the last minute and winging it – so no need to panic here! 🙂

# 37 – Relax, Take it Easy by Mika

As I’m listening to this song this morning, I can’t help bouncing around in my seat. Makes me wanna dance! 🙂

And that reminds me of this super-cool-cat cyclist I saw in Port Moody a while back who had one of these strapped to his bike…

I found it on Amazon and it’s only $30.00 – I can’t stop lusting after it. Wouldn’t it be cool to ride around the Lower Mainland with upbeat music blasting through this speaker and encouraging you to push harder??

I’ve got the sickness – can’t stop thinking of new things to buy for my cycling adventures!! 🙂

April 2012 Goal: 75km DONE!! :)

I set a goal for myself a while back to do a 50km ride by end of March, 75km ride by end of April and 100km ride by end of May in preparation for the Ride to Conquer Cancer 2012.

But guess what??

It’s only the 1st week of April and I (together with 2 good friends of mine) managed to do a 78km ride!!! So proud!! 🙂

I made a short video of the day – PRESS PLAY!!!

Hope you like the music selection!! Taana Gardner’s Heartbeat.

Also – for those who don’t know yet… Cody, Kathy and I are riding from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA and we’re raising money for charity!

If you’d like to donate to one (or all) of us:

My website: My website
Cody’s website: Cody’s website
Kathy’s website: Kathy’s website

If you’d like to try Stuffed Artichokes – recipe is over here.

Inspiration – Lance Armstrong about training off the bike!

Isn’t this man the most amazing inspiration ever?

I’m really getting excited about the ride – but also nervous about all the training that is ahead of me!!

These videos of him talking about his training are a GOLD MINE for inspiration, motivation and education!!



INSANITY Inspiration – Michael F (42)

Check out this guy’s results (in 60 days!!)….

What an inspiration!!!

Michael F


Day 6 of INSANITY – avec la musique! Better than hearing me pant, pant, pant throughout!! hahah

Side note – I LOVE 80s and 90s dance music. Blame it on my upbringing on a tiny party island in the Med – Malta!!

I REALLY love this program – I look forward to doing EACH work out and ….a totally surprising side effect… I discovered the joys of iMovie in the process!

HOW did I go this long without this amazing invention!??? It’s like a new toy for me! And it reminds me of my uni days when I used to do a lot of fun creative projects. (I’m a B.Communications Hons graduate).

I touch a little bit about hair care in this episode. When I was younger I would actually use my hair as an excuse NOT to workout! Isn’t that crazy? I hear African American women in America sometimes do the same thing!

My attitude has changed a lot since then… I’d rather get a good workout in, and sweat bucket loads THAN sit on my behind all day!

And now that the Vancouver Sun Run is only a month away and the Ride to Conquer Cancer is only 3 months away I feel that I really have to decidate as much time as possible to working out!


This is my most fun video of my INSANITY workout to date!!

I’m working out in this video with my friend Cody.

He got me into INSANITY 🙂 – and check out his amazing arms in this video.

Insanity Fit Test Day 1

Here’s a quick video of me POST Insanity Fit Test … i.e. Day 1.

I did SO WELL – I compared myself to the two people in the video who were sharing their “before” and “after 60 days” results.

This work out is INSANE!!! Your heart rate is going CRAZY but the results are meant to be super amazing… we’ll see. I would LOVE to be all strong and toned by the time I ride down to Seattle!! 🙂

Stay tuned for more INSANITY updates!!

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