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Ryan Hesjedal withdraws from Tour de France

Yesterday I attended the Saturday Tour de Delta  Criteria held in Ladner (took some great pix – can’t wait to share them!).

There were two nasty crashes but luckily no one was seriously hurt. When the announcer was speaking about the crashes and who was taken out, he also mentioned that Canadian cycling whiz Ryan Hesjedal was forced to withdraw from the Tour de France earlier that day after suffering from injuries in a massive Tour de France cyclist pile up.

Awful news for Ryan & his team – and all his fans of course!

Copyright: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It turns out he he badly hurt his right hip and leg and the doctors determined that his injury would get worse if he continued to cycle the next day. So he’s flying home to refocus on the upcoming Olympics – which are fast approaching. Here’s wishing him (and all the other injured cyclists) a speedy recovery!!


Cycling Photography + Opera Music = Intoxicating

If you appreciate cycling photography, please visit Graham Watson’s Website. Graham is a renowned cycling photographer and he will be one of the many photographers at the Tour de France which starts today!

What a cool job to have!!

As if the images he captures aren’t intoxicating enough, he sets his galleries to music, and my favourite is his portfolio with Puccini’s Madam Butterfly:  “Un Bel di Vedremo” playing in the background. Click here to see & HEAR it!!!

WHO would have thought that cycling imagery and opera could be so, well….. sexy?!

 I bought a DSLR camera with a telephoto lens earlier this year (not even 1/100th as fancy as Graham’s lenses of course). Seeing Graham’s website has set my creative wheels a-turning in my brain. It would be fun to capture some stunning imagery of a local race/ bike ride and later edit a slideshow/ youtube video that’s paired with some passionate and inspiring classical music or opera. I haven’t used that style of music in my videos yet!
So this will be one of my next creative projects!! 🙂 Any suggestions of which piece of music I should use???

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