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Cycling trip to the Fraser Valley – August 5, 2012


If you’re watching this and feel like you’re getting sea-sick or experiencing an LSD trip, I apologize!!! haha YouTube told me my video was “shakey” and offered to stabilize it, and instead my video came out pretty trippy!!

Hey there ūüôā

Check out my video from the BC Long weekend! Some friends and I went out to Fort Langley for some serious cycling, and we went all over the Fraser Valley.

It was AHHHHMAZING! I sound like a broken record, but I just LOVE cycling through farmland and lush countryside. It’s so calming.

There were a couple of gross climbs though including – one NASTY, SUPER STEEP hill! I cannot believe or even comprehend how the others managed to scale that mountain of a climb…. I walked it up AND THAT WAS painful! Super stretched-out calves…. goes to show how steep of a hill it was!


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Burnaby Velodrome Club: Open House Aug 12 2012

The Burnaby Velodrome Club¬†is offering three¬†FREE coached sessions on Sunday August 12th during their second annual Summer Open House¬†Event ….. so naturally as soon as I heard about this thanks to @cdncyclist¬†I registered for a session!!

The offer is available for those who have never ridden the track before, and the sessions include 90 minutes of track time, rental track bike and certified coaching.

Interestingly the Burnaby Velodrome is one of only four indoor velodromes in North America. You would think there would be more than that!!

Twitter: @BVCTrack

Looks like so much fun!! I am beyond excited!

Fingers crossed it’ll go something like the MEC Learn to Ride #1 session in the video above¬†…. not too crazy fast paced and NO ACCIDENTS! I can’t afford to get hurt a couple of days before my Asia trip!!

Ryan Hesjedal withdraws from Tour de France

Yesterday I attended the Saturday Tour de Delta ¬†Criteria held in Ladner (took some great pix – can’t wait to share them!).

There were two nasty crashes but luckily no one was seriously hurt. When the announcer was speaking about the crashes and who was taken out, he also mentioned that Canadian cycling whiz Ryan Hesjedal was forced to withdraw from the Tour de France earlier that day after suffering from injuries in a massive Tour de France cyclist pile up.

Awful news for Ryan & his team – and all his fans of course!

Copyright: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It turns out he¬†he badly hurt his right hip and leg and the doctors determined that his injury would get worse if he continued to cycle the next day.¬†So he’s flying home to refocus on the upcoming Olympics – which are fast approaching. Here’s wishing him (and all the other injured cyclists) a speedy recovery!!

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