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Burnaby Velodrome Club: Open House Aug 12 2012

The Burnaby Velodrome Club is offering three FREE coached sessions on Sunday August 12th during their second annual Summer Open House Event ….. so naturally as soon as I heard about this thanks to @cdncyclist I registered for a session!!

The offer is available for those who have never ridden the track before, and the sessions include 90 minutes of track time, rental track bike and certified coaching.

Interestingly the Burnaby Velodrome is one of only four indoor velodromes in North America. You would think there would be more than that!!

Twitter: @BVCTrack

Looks like so much fun!! I am beyond excited!

Fingers crossed it’ll go something like the MEC Learn to Ride #1 session in the video above …. not too crazy fast paced and NO ACCIDENTS! I can’t afford to get hurt a couple of days before my Asia trip!!


Giro di Burnaby: July 12 2012

The Giro di Burnaby will be held on Thursday July 12th. I LOVE the fact that they call it a “Giro” since it appears that most of the Italian-Canadians live in the East Van/ Burnaby area… or at least that is what Wiki says.

Twitter: @GirodiBurnaby

Facebook: Giro di Burnaby

Location: The Giro di Burnaby  route is located in the historic (Italian-Canadian) area of Hastings Street known as Burnaby Heights.

Race Times:  Women’s race 6:00pm and the Men’s Race 7:15pm.

They are organising a Watch & Win competition where you can write a short essay and/or send 2 photos from the event to win a beautiful Baume & Mercier watch from Palladio Jewellers. I am so entering this contest! 🙂  

A video from last year’s event:

Ryan Hesjedal withdraws from Tour de France

Yesterday I attended the Saturday Tour de Delta  Criteria held in Ladner (took some great pix – can’t wait to share them!).

There were two nasty crashes but luckily no one was seriously hurt. When the announcer was speaking about the crashes and who was taken out, he also mentioned that Canadian cycling whiz Ryan Hesjedal was forced to withdraw from the Tour de France earlier that day after suffering from injuries in a massive Tour de France cyclist pile up.

Awful news for Ryan & his team – and all his fans of course!

Copyright: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It turns out he he badly hurt his right hip and leg and the doctors determined that his injury would get worse if he continued to cycle the next day. So he’s flying home to refocus on the upcoming Olympics – which are fast approaching. Here’s wishing him (and all the other injured cyclists) a speedy recovery!!

Gastown Grand Prix: July 11 2012

A day after the UBC Grand Prix…. is the legendary Gastown Grand Prix. This GP went on a 3-year hiatus due to lack of sponsorship funding ….  Global Relay, a Gastown-based technology firm has saved the day however and have brought this super prestigeous event to life again. Way to go Global Relay… and all the other sponsors who helped make this happen!

Twitter: @gastowngp

Facebook: Gastown Grand Prix

Many famous cyclists have raced in this important event over the decades, making the Gastown Grand Prix (GP) one of the most popular one-day bike races in North America.

Gastown Grand Prix 2006 Copyright: Greg Descantes

The Instigator:

Back in 1973, Dr. Roger Sumner, a Vancouver native and bike racer, organized a race with a primary goal of showing the public how spectacular top level bike racing in Canada COULD be.

He wanted to create a quality race that would be highly accessible to the public. Gastown, Vancouver’s popular historic district, has streets lined with cafes and restaurants and is in a central downtown location…. so it fit the bill. Sumner himself competed in the Gastown Grand Prix until 1978. He was later inducted into the BC Hall of Fame for his 30 years of service to the sport in the roles of racer, coach, manager and racing organizer. Tragically, he died in 2000 after being hit by a car while riding his bike!!

The Route:

Start & Finish line:  Intersection of Cambie and Water streets, site of Gastown world famous steam clock. Riders will travel west on Cambie into the hairpin turn at Water and Cordova. From there they’ll ride east on Cordova past The Cambie and past Army and Navy before turning left onto Carrall Street and left again around the Gassy Jack statue and back onto Water street towards the steam clock.

This isn’t a super long route…. judging by this event’s popularity & central location and some of the images I’ve seen … the streets will be hopping with spectators!

Women’s Race: Start Time: 6:15pm (30 laps – 36 km)

Men’s Race: Start Time: 7:30pm (50 laps – 60km)

Awards: Start Time: 9:15pm

A vintage clip of when Lance Armstrong won this race back in 1991 (Soooo vintage – the graphics, the fashion, the hairstyles!):

UBC Grand Prix: July 10 2012

Following the Tour de Delta is the UBC Grand Prix.  For those reading this who live outside of Vancouver – UBC stands for University of British Columbia, which is a beautiful place to go cycling… and is also a fantastic university.  Had I been raised in this city I would have wanted to pursue my Undergrad at UBC for sure! It’s located on this beautiful peninsula with large old-growth trees, beaches, spectacular mountain & sea views, etc.

Facebook: UBC Grand Prix

Twitter: @ubcgrandprix

Copyright: Stefan Lozinsky

I stand to be corrected but I believe this is the 2nd edition – so it’s a fairly new event. The cyclists will race a 1.5km circuit and navigate around the course for 40-65 laps.

Race Schedule:

Corporate Team Challenge Race Start time: 3:15pm

Women’s pro race Start time: 5:15pm

Men’s pro race Start time: 6:30pm

I think the Corporate Team Challenge is a great idea. There will have about 20 teams participating (Telus, Sugoi, KPMG, etc), and the idea is for the team members to experience what it feels like to be a pro rider!

Copyright: Stefan Lozinsky

Aren’t the photos by Stefan Lozinsky so beautiful? I aspire to take similar photos of some of these (and future) events!

A video from last year’s event:

And here’s a video of Race Director Mark Ersting speaking about this year’s event:

Tour de Delta: July 6 – 8 2012

The Tour de Delta will open up this year’s  BC Superweek and is the 12th edition of this annual race.  

Twitter: @tourdedelta

Facebook: Tour de Delta

Friday July 6: Women & Men’s Criterium

This Criterium features an exciting 1.2 kilometer crit loop around the Social Heart area of North Delta where riders will do anywhere between 40 to 50 laps and will reach breakneck speeds(70km/hr plus).

The course has a fast downhill section going into an open left hand turn and the finish of the race will also be exciting to watch as the athletes will only have less than 100m out of the final corner of the race to sprint to the line.

Friday Criterium and Community Family Festival details here!

Start time: 6:30pm (Women’s Pro 1/2/3), 7:30pm (Men’s Pro 1/2), followed by 8:45pm Awards Presentation

Start line: 84 Ave. & 114 St. in North Delta.

Best Viewing: Start/Finish area on 84 Avenue west of 114 Street or the corner of 84 Avenue & 112 Street.

View the  Crit Route Map here or view the Full Area Map and Road Closures Here.

Saturday July 7: Women & Men’s Criterium

Saturday’s Criterium takes place in the historic fishing village of Ladner. This Crit will excite all who attend as cyclists manipulate the tight corners of the downtown core. Watch the competitors complete lap after lap at breakneck speeds while they race for cash prizes and valuable series points.

Start Line: Delta St & Bridge St in Ladner Village for all races.

Start Time: Men’s Cat 3/4 Race: 5:15 pm (25 min. + 5 laps). Ends approx 6 pm.
Women’s Pro, Cat 1/2/3 Race: 6:15 pm – 36km (40 laps x 0.9 km). Ends approx 7:10 pm.
Men’s Pro, Cat 1/2 Race: 7:25 pm – 54km (60 laps x 0.9 km). Ends approx 8:30 pm followed by awards for all races.

Criterium route map

Sunday July 8: Road Race

The Road Race is part of the 2012 BC Cup racing series,  and incorporates strength, precision & endurance. Both men`s and women`s races end with a frantic sprint finish at Winskill Park, but the routes are slightly different.

Start and finish line: 9th St and 56th Ave in front of Winskill Park, Tsawwassen.

Women’s route map – Start and finish (both at Winskill)

Men (Pro, 1 & 2): 9 am – 140km (4.5 laps North Delta – 10 laps of Tsawwassen).

Start line: Sungod Recreation Centre at 7815 112th Ave in North Delta. Finish line: Winskill Park.

Men’s route maps – Start | Mid-route | Finish (Winskill)

I’ve cycled past these areas when I headed down to Point Roberts, WA back in May (video still to come! ooopps!!) but I’d really like to bring my nice DSLR for these race to snap some photos of the cyclists so public transit is my only option this time around…. I need to get my BC Driver’s license so bad haha!!

And for those who are cycling newbies like myself…. What is a criterium anyway??? 

(Thank you Wiki!!!) It’s a bike race held on a short course (usually less than 1km), often run on closed-off city center streets. Events often have prizes (called primes, pronounced “preems”, and are usually cash). A bell is usually rung to announce to the riders that whoever wins the next lap, wins the prime. Success in road criteriums requires a mix of good technical skills — in particular, the ability to corner smoothly while “holding your line” on the road, as well as rapidly and sharply — and riding safely with a large group on a short circuit and exceptional “sprint” ability to attack other riders and repeatedly accelerate hard from corners. Criteriums are relatively easy to organize, do not require a large amount of space, and are good for live spectators as they allow them to see the riders pass by many times. They are the most common type of bicycle racing in the continental United States.

Copyright: Greg Descantes

BC Super Week – Bike Race Extravaganza – Coming Up!

You know it never fails to amaze me how selective our lives and consciousness can be.

My recent example… cycling, cycling events and bike races. Had I not signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer ’12, bought a bike and really taken a liking to cycling, I might never have discovered a number of cycling shops dotted around Vancouver (I had no idea there are so many until a few month ago!), or cycling events such as the Cypress Challenge or VanFondo… or (and this is REALLY the most recent)… BC Super Week.

To think that whole teams of cyclists travel to the Lower Mainland and participate in a series of races – in Burnaby, White Rock, Vancouver and Delta… I don’t ever recall seeing anything about this event in the media, on Facebook, Twitter, heard in conversation, nothing.

Have you ever noticed how when you suddenly take an interest in a new hobby, pursuit, endeavour… you seem to learn about almost a whole new universe (of people, places, possibilities, etc) that was there all along… but just wasn’t being picked up and processed by your brain/ senses??

Yes I’m rambling… but I find it so interesting. Makes you wonder what ELSE is out there if only you turn your mind to it!

So what is BC Super Week???

BC Superweek consists of several independent events that happen annually around the second week of July in B.C. With over 5,000 spectators in attendance at each event and over $100,000 in cash prizes for the cyclists who participate to win, this is the cycling event to be at each year! Professional Teams from all over North America travel to B.C. for this event.

This year there is the:

Tour de Delta on July 6 – 8.

UBC Grand Prix on July 10.

Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix on July 11.

Giro di Burnaby on July 12.

Tour de White Rock on July 13 – 15.

The accolade of some past attending riders include, but not limited to the likes of; Tyler Farrar, Chris Horner, Lance Armstrong, Svein Tuft, Brian Walton, Christian Meier and Dominic Rowan on the men’s side and Olympic riders Alison Sydor, Leslie Tomlinson and Erin Willock that have attended the Pro women’s events.

Going to try to attend as many of these as I can!!

Cycling Photography + Opera Music = Intoxicating

If you appreciate cycling photography, please visit Graham Watson’s Website. Graham is a renowned cycling photographer and he will be one of the many photographers at the Tour de France which starts today!

What a cool job to have!!

As if the images he captures aren’t intoxicating enough, he sets his galleries to music, and my favourite is his portfolio with Puccini’s Madam Butterfly:  “Un Bel di Vedremo” playing in the background. Click here to see & HEAR it!!!

WHO would have thought that cycling imagery and opera could be so, well….. sexy?!

 I bought a DSLR camera with a telephoto lens earlier this year (not even 1/100th as fancy as Graham’s lenses of course). Seeing Graham’s website has set my creative wheels a-turning in my brain. It would be fun to capture some stunning imagery of a local race/ bike ride and later edit a slideshow/ youtube video that’s paired with some passionate and inspiring classical music or opera. I haven’t used that style of music in my videos yet!
So this will be one of my next creative projects!! 🙂 Any suggestions of which piece of music I should use???

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