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Taqtax Qalbek

I’ve been feeling a little demotivated as of late about my training and fundraising.

It’s not that things aren’t progressing – I am training as often as I can and my donations are still pouring in thanks to the seriously amazing friends, coworkers and family I have.

I think my issue is a paralysis I get from not wanting to fail and wanting to do everything PERFECT. I thought I was over that. Clearly not – or at least not in areas that are really new and daring for me – like a 250km bike ride!

As I try to ‘pep talk’ myself into getting back into the game I keep thinking of (and internally chanting) a Maltese phrase “taqtax qalbek” which literally translates to “don’t cut your heart” but actually means “don’t get discouraged”.

I’ve always really liked this phrase. I like it because it has nice Maltese-sounding stems and sounds. The Q and the -AX and the -EK. I liked hearing friends and family tell me this when I was feeling down/worried about something.

I also like it because of how it links the heart to motivation. When you want something, you’re passionate about it and go after it with all your heart. Not part of it. Also – the word “taqtax” mean “YOU don’t cut” which implies that YOU allow yourself to feel demotivated and NO ONE ELSE.

Related to this concept is another saying I like (this time in English) that refers to the heart: “Where the heart is willing, it will find a thousand ways. Where it is unwilling, it will find a thousand excuses.” ~ Arlen Price
I love HEARTS (the shape) and now I also love sayings with the word ‘heart’ in it 🙂

Courtesy: Jason Van Dyk (God's Fingerprints)


And I just love this explanation of courage from: and how it once again ties to the HEART.

The root of the word courage is cor — latin for heart.

Courage originally meant “to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” Today, courage is more synonymous with being heroic. Heroics is often about putting our life on the line…. Ordinary courage is about putting our vulnerability on the line.

In today’s world, that’s pretty extraordinary. 





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