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Some Great News – Sugoi Uniforms are NOW SHIPPED

Received some great news in my inbox this morning…

Our  Team Tetra Tech Uniforms are on the way!

My team mates and I CANNOT WAIT to try them on 🙂


38 days to go until Ride to Conquer Cancer 2012

It’s time for a new song!!! 🙂

#38 – Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

This is SUCH A GREAT SONG to get you pumped for an event!!

Am so incredibly excited for the ride!

For those who aren’t aware of what on earth the Ride to Conquer Cancer is…

 Please visit my website to learn more & if you’re up to it donate!! 🙂  


39 Days to Go Until RTCC 2012

I’m going to find the coolest songs – 40 of them!! If you have any suggestions let me know!! 🙂

Especially all you lovely friends and family members who have contributed to my donations – YOU GUYS are my champions!!! Thank you for raising money for the Cancer Research!


#39 Scorpions: Moment of Glory

40 days until Ride to Conquer Cancer – Online Check In Time

I have JUST CHECKED IN – and will receive my check in package (with name plate etc) by mail in a few weeks.

I cannot believe how close the ride date is – 40 more days!!

You know what this calls for???

A TOP 40 Songs for RTCC 2012 Fundraising & Charity Cycling Champions….. You know the type of songs that you hum in your head as you think about the start and finish line… the ones that get your heart beat elevated and make you wanna sing at the top of your lungs!!

In no particular order – we’ll start with # 40: The Final Countdown by Europe

Do I assign 80s music to all my life’s adventures and key moments!

You betcha!!! But doesn’t everyone?? Haha

Team Tetra Tech Uniforms by Sugoi are In Production!

I work for the BEST company 🙂 Earlier this year, my company’s VP generously offered to sponsor our team uniforms so that Team Tetra Tech could cycle from Vancouver to Seattle (for the Ride to Conquer Cancer) in style!

We’re participating in this event to raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation and to date we’ve already raised over $18,000!!!  So amazing!

THANK YOU to all friends, family and co-workers who have made this fundraising endeavor such a HUGE success! If you’d like to help us raise EVEN MORE funds – check out our team page  for more info!

It’s a real treat to wear team uniforms and Sugoi (an Endurance Sports Clothing line that originated right here in Vancouver) offers Ride to Conquer Cancer teams a great Semi-Custom package….

So earlier this month we held a team vote, to decide between the 6 available designs (as seen below). We UNANIMOUSLY voted for Design A – which would provide a nice backdrop for our logo, and we decided to go for jerseys, shorts and arm warmers!

A few days later we received our art proofs to finalize our order. I was SO EXCITED to see the final designs!

Here’s a sneak peek of what they look like. Aren’t they snazzy?

Sugoi is a great brand – so I am dying to try these on when they arrive (in approx 5 weeks) – and we will look like a proper cycling team! They sent me an email this morning to confirm that the uniforms are “In Production” and I am so delighted with their customer service.

THANKS once again to Tetra Tech for making this happen 🙂 Am so happy to work here!

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