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5th Annual Cypress Challenge – Saturday 18, 2012

On a scale from 1 to 10… How crazy is it to do a 12km bike ride up a mountain and then fly to Asia on the same day I asked my colleague….

“Ummm…. I wouldn’t do that if I were you…. How long is your flight?? Do you really want to exert yourself that much, and have all that lactic acid built up in your legs when you are forced to sit down for so long?” she replid.

Oh rats… I didn’t think of that. So I guess the answer is 11. Bummer!! 😦

The 5th Annual Cypress Challenge will be held on Sat Aug 18th – and sadly I will have to give it a miss.

Participants will cycle 12km up Cypress Mountain to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research. Each year the challenge is dedictae to someone who pass passed, or is undergoing treatment for this type of Cancer. This year’s challenge is in memory of Bob Hager.

Who is Bob Hager??

Bob Hager was a prominent Vancouverite who was a driving force in building one of Canada’s most successful asset managers, Philips, Hager & North (PH&N). He was also a generous community contributor, enriching and improving the lives of the many people less fortunate than himself. He was quietly driven, humble and had a never ending dedication to his family, clients and community. Bob died of Pancreatic Cancer in October 2011.

Some info about this Event:

The event was created by Geoffrey and Myriam Glotman in 2008 after they lost Myriam’s mother Betty Ergas to pancreatic cancer. In 2010 the event hosted by Paul Carson, who was being treated for the disease at the time, raised $50,000 for pancreatic cancer research. Paul passed away from the disease in January 2011. In 2011 the event, dedicated to the memory of Jack Poole, raised over $125,000 for pancreatic cancer research.

Some REALLY scary facts about Pancreatic Cancer:

  • Nearly 600 British Columbians will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2012
  • 75% of patients do not survive a full year post-diagnosis
  • Only 5% survive after five years
  • Across Canada, pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer deaths.

Would have SERIOUSLY loved to do this ride but I guess I will have to wait for next year…. Passed it on to my cycling friends in the meantime.

Check out this cool video from last year’s ride: Cypress Challenge 2011


THE FINISH LINE – Some more great RTCC 2012 ‘In Action’ shots!

Some more RTCC 2012 shots …. this time courtesy of photographer Ron Sombilion – check out his gallery of the event here.

Ron captured me as I arrived at the finish line, and later when my friends doused me with champagne. A great moment!!

Copyright: Ron Sombilon

Copyright: Ron Sombilon

Copyright: Ron Sombilon

Copyright: Ron Sombilon

Copyright: Ron Sombilon

Copyright: Ron Sombilon


Ride to Conquer Cancer 2012 Video

It has taken me an entire week to upload my RTCC 2012 video – but it is finally here!! I choose early 80s disco/soul music because it reminds me of my mom – she was diagnosed with breast cancer only a few weeks before the ride and we both love that style of music.

I wore my pink tutu the entire time I was on my bike and it was a huge hit – a lot of riders were complimenting me on it and asking me why I was wearing it – for my mom!! A few days after the ride my mom went to hospital for her mastectomy. The surgery was a success and she is back at home recuperating.

Thank you to all my friends, family, angels and saints who prayed for her 🙂

The entire RTCC experience was just amazing and I HIGHLY encourage anyone in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario or Quebec to sign up!

I was so scared that I’d fail but I have the best friends & family who supported me all the way – with donations, encouragement, training, etc!!

So here is my video – I hope you like it!!

I will be creating another post with the “lessons learned” for anyone who is thinking about doing this ride in the future. It’s always a good idea to speak to someone who has already done the ride to get the low-down on what to expect!!

Team Tetra Tech Cycling Jerseys, Shorts & Arm Warmers have arrived :)

Our Ride to Conquer Cancer Team Kit (Jerseys, Shorts & Arm Warmers from Sugoi) arrived this week!!!

I’m stoked with final result! Our logos look great on the chosen design and the quality of the tailoring is outstanding. If any of you are considering ordering some team kits for a team sport – Sugoi are the way to go. Just bear in mind that they have a 5 week lead time, so plan ahead!!

I did stock-taking as soon as I unboxed the shipment and organized all my team mates orders for them to collect. I have a weird affinity for stock-taking… it’s fun!

As soon as I got home I tried mine on to determine just how tight those M size shorts were….. and how transparent the white sections are! Verdict: fits me like a glove and practically naked!! haha

As avid cyclists already know, you’re not meant to wear any undies when you have your padded shorts on to minimize chafing. So far I’ve always worn undies cause I just find it so weird not to (prude!) – but I guess I’ll have to get used to going commando…

Will post some pics of myself actually wearing my team kit after my next ride!

Taking VPL (Visible Panty Line) to a whole new level!! haha

Ride to Conquer Cancer 2011 Opening Ceremony

…The pain, the joy, the excitement, the doubt, the strength, the hope….

879 riders and crew members last year – who helped raise $11.1 MILLION dollars for the BC Cancer Foundation!!

How amazing is that??

I CANNOT wait to be at that starting line…. and I am SO THANKFUL to all my donors who have contributed towards my fundraising goal!


Introducing Axe Zander

Axe Zander - My Trek 1200 Road Bike

Earlier this week I made a trip out to Pitt Meadows thanks to the awesome CYV (who drove me there after work)… and bought my Trek 1200, affectionately called Axe Zander.

It’s a 3rd hand bike, in mint condition, that came at a very sweet deal (so it was worth the crazy drive). The seller also threw in a free helmet – such a sweet guy!

I wanted to name it as soon as I got it so as CYV and I drank our wine in a random Joey’s in Burnaby we decided my bike fit a rugged male, roughly 34 years old, who drinks beer, likes snowboarding and is a Canucks fan profile and aptly named him Axe Zander.

What a relief to find my bike for the Ride to Conquer Cancer! I felt a huge weight lift off me as I crossed that task off my “to do” list.

Now I can start scheduling rides with my team mates (and friends)!!

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