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A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

BC Super Week – Bike Race Extravaganza – Coming Up!

You know it never fails to amaze me how selective our lives and consciousness can be.

My recent example… cycling, cycling events and bike races. Had I not signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer ’12, bought a bike and really taken a liking to cycling, I might never have discovered a number of cycling shops dotted around Vancouver (I had no idea there are so many until a few month ago!), or cycling events such as the Cypress Challenge or VanFondo… or (and this is REALLY the most recent)… BC Super Week.

To think that whole teams of cyclists travel to the Lower Mainland and participate in a series of races – in Burnaby, White Rock, Vancouver and Delta… I don’t ever recall seeing anything about this event in the media, on Facebook, Twitter, heard in conversation, nothing.

Have you ever noticed how when you suddenly take an interest in a new hobby, pursuit, endeavour… you seem to learn about almost a whole new universe (of people, places, possibilities, etc) that was there all along… but just wasn’t being picked up and processed by your brain/ senses??

Yes I’m rambling… but I find it so interesting. Makes you wonder what ELSE is out there if only you turn your mind to it!

So what is BC Super Week???

BC Superweek consists of several independent events that happen annually around the second week of July in B.C. With over 5,000 spectators in attendance at each event and over $100,000 in cash prizes for the cyclists who participate to win, this is the cycling event to be at each year! Professional Teams from all over North America travel to B.C. for this event.

This year there is the:

Tour de Delta on July 6 – 8.

UBC Grand Prix on July 10.

Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix on July 11.

Giro di Burnaby on July 12.

Tour de White Rock on July 13 – 15.

The accolade of some past attending riders include, but not limited to the likes of; Tyler Farrar, Chris Horner, Lance Armstrong, Svein Tuft, Brian Walton, Christian Meier and Dominic Rowan on the men’s side and Olympic riders Alison Sydor, Leslie Tomlinson and Erin Willock that have attended the Pro women’s events.

Going to try to attend as many of these as I can!!


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