Ready Set Pedal

A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

When weather conditions dampen your training plans & fitness goals


I had big plans yesterday to go on a 100km bike ride with a new cycling friend I met at a recent group ride….but sadly it just wouldn’t stop raining. We initially planned to head out in the morning, but that was pushed back to 3pm since the weather forecast predicted a break in the rain by mid-afternoon. In actually the rain didn’t let out until 8pm-ish. Thanks a lot Mother Nature!!! đŸ˜¡

Unfortunately it does rain a lot in Vancouver – and this past month has been the wettest and coldest June in 40 years. Last Saturday reminded me that as much as I LOVE cycling in the weekends, when the weather is the pits I have OTHER options – hot yoga session, a spinning class, using my own building’s gym, whatever! If only I had set up a ‘Plan B’… instead I waited the rain out until it was too late.

So despite it being Summer 2012 – I am going to work on building a list of indoor fitness activities to keep me sane & happy when it just won’t stop raining outside.



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