Ready Set Pedal

A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

Cycling Photography + Opera Music = Intoxicating

If you appreciate cycling photography, please visit Graham Watson’s Website. Graham is a renowned cycling photographer and he will be one of the many photographers at the Tour de France which starts today!

What a cool job to have!!

As if the images he captures aren’t intoxicating enough, he sets his galleries to music, and my favourite is his portfolio with Puccini’s Madam Butterfly:  “Un Bel di Vedremo” playing in the background. Click here to see & HEAR it!!!

WHO would have thought that cycling imagery and opera could be so, well….. sexy?!

 I bought a DSLR camera with a telephoto lens earlier this year (not even 1/100th as fancy as Graham’s lenses of course). Seeing Graham’s website has set my creative wheels a-turning in my brain. It would be fun to capture some stunning imagery of a local race/ bike ride and later edit a slideshow/ youtube video that’s paired with some passionate and inspiring classical music or opera. I haven’t used that style of music in my videos yet!
So this will be one of my next creative projects!! 🙂 Any suggestions of which piece of music I should use???

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