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A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

My first Group Ride with Musette Caffe

Part of the reason why I would hate to leave my apartment, beyond the fact that I have an amazing sea view, is because I love having Vancouver ‘s only cycling-themed coffee shop nearby. I’m of course referring to Musette Caffe – located in the alley b/w Burrard & Hornby off of Drake Street.

This cafe opened just a few months ago and I LOVE it! They have great coffee and treats, the place is totally decked out in cycling paraphernalia and they offer me a. great advice about cycling, b. a location to meet & hang out with other cyclists, c. an opportunity to ride on a weekly basis as part of a group.

The last time I swung by for some cycling advice, Thomas (the owner) encouraged me to try out their Group Ride sessions… so today after work I decided to give it a go. 🙂

Since the Ride to Conquer Cancer last weekend, I’ve been eager to get back on my bike, and I am hoping to do A LOT of cycling as the weather warms up. This evening was a fantastic time for a ride – slightly cloudy and balmy. I hardly ever feel warmth in the evening air in Vancouver – it’s one of those sensations I really miss about Malta!!


I was the only girl during this ride, so I was a wee bit nervous that I would be the laggard at the back, holding everyone else back. Well I was… haha But I didn’t feel pressure to keep up , they waited for me at numerous points and they never left me alone. Thomas also gave me a drafting lesson. I’m not too confident with drafting – i.e. when you are riding super close to the rider in front of you to save energy, but I’d like to master it. Practise makes perfect I guess.

We’re so lucky to live and work so close to Stanley Park – the location where we did several laps (Boys did 4 + and I did 3). It’s one of the most beautiful parks in Vancouver and I saw multiple raccoons. A family with 3 baby raccoons and feisty racoon who walked right up to me and stretched out his hands for food. So cute!!! I wish I had a granola bar or something to give him!





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3 thoughts on “My first Group Ride with Musette Caffe

  1. kevinmayne on said:

    Every blog that mentions the cycling scene makes me look forward to next week at Velo-city Vancouver even more – flying tomorrow!

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