Ready Set Pedal

A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

Painful Right Hip Flexor

I went on a long ride out to White Rock yesterday and I did a number on my right hip flexor.

That hip joint likes to pop when I do yoga so I know it’s a bit of a tender/ problematic area… but I can’t really pinpoint what I did wrong yesterday to cause all that pain.

Some causes are – overworking, not stretching, jumping into strenuous activity too quickly without proper warm up, aggressive kicking motion, hill training, stopping and starting physical activity abruptly, etc, etc.

The pain was enough for me to go to Shopper’s Drugmart at 12:45am to buy this KT Tape that I had read helps with sports injuries. I also iced it, and applied ICY HOT on it.

The instructional video I found:

I was so happy to find a blog post on their site – dated 2 weeks ago – that said the tape is available in Shopper’s Canada-wide.

Since the Shopper’s next to my place is open 24/7 I hobbled over there pronto!

It’s been less than 24 hours since I applied the tape and I can feel the pain going away slowly, slowly.

I’m bringing my KT tape roll with me on the Ride to Conquer Cancer for sure!





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