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A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

May 20, 2012 – Stranded at Starlight & Sad News

Last Sunday (May 20) my friend Kathy and I went on what was meant to be a 100km training ride – but sadly we didn’t even make it to 30km!

The ride started off on bad note as I received some terrible news from my uncle as I was getting ready to leave the house. My mom has breast cancer and is due for a mastectomy (and possibly chemo if it’s already spread) next month.

I can hardly believe this is happening to my poor mom. The reality of this news has hardly sunk in for me …. I always thought she’d end up getting cancer when she is old because she smokes so much… just never BREAST cancer when she is in her early 50s.

Well, I went on the training ride anyways because I needed to be outside to clear my head and I didn’t want to be alone right at that moment.

Kathy and I really soldiered on through the rain that started to really come down once we reach Richmond. Rain AND wind I should add.

By the time we had reached Richmond/ New West we gave up and desperately searched for some shelter – which happened to be the Starlight Casino.

Thankfully Kathy’s brother Chris was available and nice enough to come rescue us!

What a day!

My seriously wet glasses to go with my wet EVERYTHING! We were sooooo soaked!

Unhappy, Wet and so Cold!!

Starlight Casino Location – It’s in New Westminster!!

We did our usual route down to Richmond but decided to left left and head down River Road to New West… and it REALLY started to pour half way down that road…


If you’re reading this – please say a little prayer for my mom (and all moms) who are battling cancer this year – as well as all the trained professionals – from nurses to psychologists to surgeons who help them get better!


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