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Vancouver bike lanes set to expand

Vancouver Bike Lanes Set to Expand

Vancouver is fast becoming one of the best cities in thw world to get around on your bike – and I state this from a completely biased POV since I only just started riding a bike and that is within the confines of the Lower Mainland…. yet, it is very encouraging to read news of further bike lanes to use in the near future!

The city is considering turning parts of Commercial Drive, Point Grey Road and Cornwall Avenue into bikeways as part of the next phase of its quest to reduce bicycle-vehicle conflicts.

Obviously –  the idea is meeting mixed reviews ESP with businesses along Commercial Drive who are worried about the potential commercial impacts.

This fall the city also expects to move head with the long-planned Helmcken/Comox bikeway in the West End (my neighbourhood).
I really support additional bike lanes – my friends and I are always selecting these routes to get around as they are way safer, and cycling is becoming more and more popular among Vancouverites.

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5 thoughts on “Vancouver bike lanes set to expand

  1. Robin Hoodlum on said:

    oh look theres no one on it..we should make it bigger!

    • Haha – they’re not going to make existing bike lanes bigger – they’re going to introduce some safer options on roads that already are popular with cyclists and have a number of accidents becuase of lack of lanes/ traffic calmed areas. I doubt they’ll make full on separated lanes again – not much space. Probably just section off a piece of the road with clear bike route signs.

  2. Nice blog! This summer I will be visiting Vancouver (by bike) for the first time; I’m happy to hear that it’s so bike friendly. Good luck with your big ride!

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