Ready Set Pedal

A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

Bike Repair Weekend

So this past weekend was meant to be an epic cycling weekend for me. Sadly my bike was riddled with problems and my Sunday-Funday plans were deflated by a SECOND flat tire in less than 24 hours!!

I made the best of the situation of course – I took my bike to Bikes For All so they can fix my tire, have a look at my crazy gears, and fit my bike with my BRAND NEW SPD pedals and fit the cleats on my BRAND NEW clipless cyclings shoes!!!

Am very excited but also slightly (nah…. VERY) worried about the future falls I am going to encounter as I get used to cycling with clipless pedals!

Am glad I got at least ONE ride in this weekend! See below!

Saturday April 21st: 

So this is the route I mapped out for Cody and I… we followed it approximately… as we had multiple pit stops along the way! In total it was a 40km ride.

As you can see, I used the awesome UBC Cycling Route  mapper I mentioned in an earlier post and it suggested we take the Second Narrows Bridge (also known as the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge) that connects Burnaby to North Vancouver.


We met at the Waterfront Station downtown, and I asked Cody to do our FIRST pitstop at the Convention Centre to see the Comic Book/ Cartoons/ Video Game fans lining up outside for FAN EXPO.

PIT STOP #1. I got my money shot with Darth Vader!! I love Star Wars!

Then… Cody’s new shoes started to bother him, so after his bike repair shop couldn’t help him get them fixed…. we made a quick stop at his place so he could put on his old pair. PIT STOP #2.

It was really weird throwing our bikes on his front lawn… I haven’t done that since 1992. 20 years ago!!

We continued onwards to the bridge – which was SUPER CONFUSING to figure out how to get on BTW and is the SCARIEST bridge EVER to cross on.

The sidewalk is so narrow and you have two metal bars next to your face the entire way…. that are less than a meter away from smacking you in the mouth should your bike veer off by a mere 5cm.

Somehow….. I made it out alive and I still have all my teeth… but Axe wasn’t so lucky! He got a flat in the back wheel. Wah wahhh!

PIT STOP #3. We spotted a drive-thru Timmy’s in the distance and decided we’d get some change from them (all I had was notes) for a bus fare and bus it into North Van to find a bike shop.

Of course I couldn’t resist eating something at that point and I am glad I did, because another customer overheard me saying I had a flat and mentioned that there was a bike shop only 100 feet away from us!!

Lucky Day!! 🙂

PIT STOP #4. The guy at the North Vancouver Sport Swap store was very nice and he changed the tubes on both my wheels.

We finally made it to Deep Cove and Cody took his VERY FIRST bite into a honey doughnut! Yummy!! PIT STOP #5 – but this was a planned one for once! haha

As we were cycling into Vancouver I saw this sign and wanted a picture with it…. it says that Vancouver is a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone.

As we were nearing Cody’s place, my brake started to make funny noises, so Cody fixed it on his front lawn (PIT STOP #6), and I then cycled back home.


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