Ready Set Pedal

A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

Vancouver Sun Run 2012 TIME 1:12:13.2


I ran the Sun Run today together with just under 49,000 other people. I timed myself  and calculated 1:12…. and now it’s official…

Exact time is 1:12:13.2

Which is a MAJOR improvement from the time I did this 10k run in 2009. Back then I hadn’t trained at all for it, and walked most of the way.. taking pictures along the way.

So…. I’m really inspired to do the Sun Run again and beat this NEW time. 🙂

I found out you can watch the video of yourself corssing the finish line- and of course I caught the part where this girl jumped right in front of me! Pah!!!
Here are the stills!

Me spriting like crazy.


Girl ruining my momentum!


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