Ready Set Pedal

A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

38km ride to Lighthouse Park (West Van) and back

Last Sunday (April 8th) Kath and I went for a bike ride to Lighthouse Park in West Van (and back!!).

38km in all for me … which was only a day after the epic 78km ride. OUCH!!!

The ride there is so pretty! Lots of hills and beautiful properties to day dream about living in!! I also saw a real estate agent’s sign with a Maltese surname (Grech).

Kathy and I at the Lions Gate Bridge - that connects Vancouver to West Vancouver.

Cycling through Stanley Park enroute to West Van was a KILLER – my legs were so sore from the previous day. We did a double-duty cycling weekend to see what it feels like to cycle on a Sat AND Sun – since that is what we will be doing for the Ride to Conquer Cancer…. only each day will be 125km and 125km NOT 78km and 38km. Needless to say – I am over the moon with our steady progress and dedication!!!

Silly pic with sign! No need to watch for me I was travelling super-slow!

Ambleside Park - I had always wanted to check out West Van's version of our seawall!

We cut through Ambleside Park instead of the crazy-busy road that leads into West Van…. and hit the endless, super steep hills that take you to Lighthouse Park.

Midway through I asked Kathy to make an emergency pitstop at a gas station/ mini market to fuel up.Β I bought a double chocolate bar, protein bar and Gatorade… Yes sometimes I eat like a hockey player!! haha Note to self: Never go for a ride when you haven’t eaten properly before!!

A nice guy whom we met at the park scoped out whether we can descend further into the park to get a view of the Lighthouse without having to lock up our bikes in the car park. Can you imagine getting your bike stolen way out there??? I would burst out crying! Turns out you can only make it half way…

We made it! πŸ™‚ Now time to walk with our bikes in the park.

If you want to get right by the water and the lighthouse you’re going to have to leave your bike behind (car park) … so take a shitty bike!!

We found a nice little sign to pose with...

I was reading about the history of this place...nerd that I am! πŸ™‚ ... and the first keepers of this lighthouse (19th century) had the first white baby in West Van. Maintaining a lighthouse = lots of time for baby making!

Of course... we wanted our money shot with the lighthouse... so after some off-trailing and rock climbing, we got our vantage point!

And then by SOME MIRACLE we managed to cycle all the way back!!

πŸ™‚ The End πŸ™‚


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