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A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

Predicting the weather in Vancouver

The weather in Vancouver has always puzzled and confused me.

I still think I am living in Malta sometimes – when I see sunshine I think it’s warm outside and that I can wear less layers… actually it’s the reverse in Winter. When it’s sunny it’s freezing cold!

Also – the forecast is a continuous guessing game – when it’s meant to be sunny, it’ll rain instead – which is so frustrating when you are trying to plan outdoor activities.

These guys sum it up best…

There is one word to describe Vancouver’s weather, unpredictable. There is no such thing as a reliable forecast for Vancouver. Local weathermen usually try to cover all bases. A typical forecast sounds something like “Sunny with a possible high of 25 C, a chance of showers, possibly turning into light flurries or hail”. It does rain a lot in Vancouver. Most Vancouverites are very touchy on this subject and will likely be very evasive, or will simply lie about it. 

This year I’ve taken a BIG interest in cycling as I am doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer down to Seattle.

Now that we are just 2 and a half months away I want to train, train, train for this event… so I am crossing my fingers that the weather pours like crazy when I am at work, or when I am sleeping, and clears up after 5pm so I can also take my bike out DURING the week for spins around Stanley Park. 🙂 PLZ Mother Nature!! Give us the best Spring Vancouver has seen in the last 100 years!!

Looking at the weather forecast right now… looks like it is raining all week this week until the weekend starts. Sigh! I really don’t want the scene below to me (again)… and I say again because I have biked in pouring rain (and snow) and it’s kinda nasty!!

Photograph: Arthur Meyerson/Corbis

Ok… that was my Vancouver weather rant for the day, week, month!

We (being people who moved here from sunnier climates – Calgary & Malta in my case) need to get those out every once in a while! I still LOVE Vancouver though 🙂





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