Ready Set Pedal

A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

Eating Tarmac… and Steveston’s shellfish!

So yesterday was a GORGEOUS sunny day in Vancouver and 3 friends of mine and I went for a super long ride to Steveston, BC and back.

Steveston is a cute fishing village just south of Richmond – so as you can imagine it was a very LONG ride to and fro. BUT we made it. All four of us! 🙂

In total I clocked around 50km so… that means I have achieved my distance goal for this month (50km by end of March)!! I am so delighted with this! It is incredible how you can PUSH your body and achieve amazing results. Your body (and mind) are really stronger than you’ll ever imagine!!

Below please find some nice photos and fun video clips of our training/ journey.

N.B. In them I ALSO speak about my first serious injury with my bike. THAT was not fun!! But it happens…

Crossing the train tracks in South Vancouver JUST before crossing the bike bridge into Richmond.

We made it into Richmond! When I saw that map I figured "Great! We'll be in Steveston in 10 mins flat!" Err... wrong! Totally underestimated how big Richmond is.

We made it to Steveston! Now time for some seafood! Yummy!!

Locking up our bikes as we grab a seat on the patio.

A jug of beer to celebrate!!

We made it back to our starting point - Cypress & 14th Ave.

I was so hot on the way back - cycled the rest of the way in my t-shirt.

Great people to cycle with! Entire journey was lots of fun!!



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