Ready Set Pedal

A charity bike ride has changed my life :)

Welcome to Vancouver

My bike – Axe Zander taking a break by the “Welcome to Vancouver” sign, just past Boundary Road.

I was soooooooo happy to see this sign! Cycling to SFU was so tough! I’m determined to get more saddle time ahead of the BIG day (June 16th).

Will I be able to get a 75-100 km ride in?? I hope so!!

I didn’t mention this in the video I posted earlier BUT my back was KILLIN’ me after that ride. I desperately need to get my bike fitted to me – and at the same time get them to fix my speed monitor as it isn’t working despite the new batteries!

I’ll need to get some advice on the distance goals I’m about to set BUT I’m thinking I should aim for:

  1. 50km by end of March
  2. 75km by end of April
  3. 100km by end of May




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