Ready Set Pedal

A charity bike ride has changed my life :)


Day 6 of INSANITY – avec la musique! Better than hearing me pant, pant, pant throughout!! hahah

Side note – I LOVE 80s and 90s dance music. Blame it on my upbringing on a tiny party island in the Med – Malta!!

I REALLY love this program – I look forward to doing EACH work out and ….a totally surprising side effect… I discovered the joys of iMovie in the process!

HOW did I go this long without this amazing invention!??? It’s like a new toy for me! And it reminds me of my uni days when I used to do a lot of fun creative projects. (I’m a B.Communications Hons graduate).

I touch a little bit about hair care in this episode. When I was younger I would actually use my hair as an excuse NOT to workout! Isn’t that crazy? I hear African American women in America sometimes do the same thing!

My attitude has changed a lot since then… I’d rather get a good workout in, and sweat bucket loads THAN sit on my behind all day!

And now that the Vancouver Sun Run is only a month away and the Ride to Conquer Cancer is only 3 months away I feel that I really have to decidate as much time as possible to working out!


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