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Cancer warning on the label = New recipe for Coke & Pepsi

Coke And Pepsi Change Recipe

I came across this news item in the Sky News website and thought…

‘Interesting! I’ve read in various Marketing/ Branding (former career choice) that when they did this it was an absolute fiasco for Coke! That’s why the returned to promoting “The Real Thing” and Coca Cola Classic’ – So WHY would they be doing THAT again???’

Here’s some more on that if you’re interested… New Coke Marketing Mishap

Anyways… I clicked on the story and came across this:

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are changing the recipes for their soft drinks to avoid being forced by law to put a cancer warning on the label.

The caramel colouring in the drinks will contain lower levels of 4-methylimidazole, which has been added to the list of carcinogens in California law. The recipe is being changed across the US – but will not been changed in Britain or the rest of Europe.

This isn’t meant to be a blog about Cancer – but I am riding 250km for Cancer Research so I had to post it! See my challenge here: Vancouver to Seattle for Cancer Research

Obviously, you’d have to drink a helluva lot of coke to get sick… but who knows how much coke one may consume in a lifetime right? I must have had gallons, upon gallons!


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